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Meet Kevin, Electronic Mortgage Loan Officer

Meet Our Citizens: Kevin Young, Electronic Mortgage Loan Officer

As the Electronic Mortgage Loan Officer, I will be a licensed mortgage loan officer whose priority is to be available for customers who call in with mortgage related questions. An EMLO can take a full mortgage application, provide prequalification, provide rate quotes, and answer mortgage related questions!

How did you find your way into banking?

I had been looking to get into a more self-driven, sales related position. I’ve been in sales before, and I love the kind of job that I can be so involved in.

What is your favorite part of the job so far?

I’m easy to please, so the fact that I have my own office with a window is so exciting to me! Really though, my favorite part of the job so far are the people. Everyone is so incredibly nice and smart here.

What motivates you?

I’ve heard the phrase, “If you know what you’re worth, go out and get what you’re worth.” In a sales position like mine, your pay is literally based on what you do. If my check comes in and it’s a little lower than what I’d like, I know that I have no one to blame but myself. That just means that next month I need to work a little harder to earn more for myself!

Who inspires you?

Now, at work it’s Rachel Barnhart! She just does her job so smoothly. She’s so incredibly smart and is doing things that I hope I can do 10% as well as she can one day.

Personally, I’m inspired by Rocky. I’ve been watching those movies since I was 8 and I haven’t stopped watching them. He is an underdog, who had no right to ever be able to accomplish anything and he became the greatest because he had a heart, and he tries so hard! 

What are you passionate about?

Church. I preach for 4th, 5th and 6th graders a couple times a month at my church. I love to be able to talk to them and make things from the Bible relevant to them.

What do you do for fun?

I like outdoor activities. I love to watch my kids play sports, as they get older, they get much more fun to watch! I’ve coached my kids in several sports. I was a basketball coach for a while, and I even dressed up like Bobby Knight for each game. 

I really am a sports fan. I love the Colts because I live here. But I also love the Chiefs. I’ve been a fan of them since I was in 4th grade.

What is your favorite food?

Believe it or not, my favorite food is Brussel sprouts. You can deep fry them and they are delicious. Go to Longhorn Steakhouse and ask for the Brussel sprouts extra crispy. They put a honey sriracha sauce on them and they’re amazing! 

If you could travel anywhere, where would you go?

I did it already... Israel. I highly recommend it even if you’re not a religious person. You know how we grow corn here? They grow bananas just like that! Anyway, I had never left the country but when I had the opportunity to go to Israel, I knew I had to go! It was a church trip, and we took Bibles everywhere we went. It was more of a sightseeing trip, and I loved every minute of it. We went all over the place and saw everything, including where Jesus was! It was December when I went, and it was 60 degrees outside. It was the perfect temperature and the perfect time to go.

What is your ideal temperature?

My wife and I have gone back and forth on this for years, and my ideal temperature is 68 degrees. She’d rather have it at 80, but I’d rather be cold than hot.

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

I really love old people, senior Citizens if you will. I was raised in large part by my grandma, I used to spend my summers with her, and I loved it! She always said whatever was on her mind and there is something about that blunt honesty that just appeals to me.

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