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Meet Our Citizens: Carmen Barry, Deposit Operations, Electronic Operations, and Fraud Area Supervisor

Working with her team in the Mooresville office, Carmen Barry thrives on ensuring things are going smoothly throughout Deposit Operations, Electronic Operations, and Fraud Area of the bank - all while confirming that every customer and team member feels supported and cared for.

How would you describe your job?

I oversee these three distinct areas of the bank throughout Deposit Operations, Electronic Operations, and Fraud Area. It’s my job to lead, problem solve, and support my team with any specific issues or questions.

What brought you into this area of banking?

When my supervisor was promoted, I was working in deposit operations. I’ve always been interested in more diverse aspects of banking, so I took on this new role and added electronic operations to my responsibilities. Additionally, given that fraud is on the rise, my supervisor and I added fraud management as a new area of specialty to keep our customers safe.

How long have you been with Citizens Bank?

I’ve been at Citizens Bank since 2018. Prior to that, I worked at another bank as a customer service representative handling customer accounts and loan applications.

What do you love about working at Citizens Bank?

I love that this bank is so community-based. I live in the community and know many of our customers personally. Sometimes that can be a challenge when you come across issues, but at the same time you have a deeper connection with your customers. At Citizens Bank we care a lot about the interactions and relationships we build with our customers.


What do you enjoy the most about working at the home office in Mooresville?

I was born and raised in Mooresville, so working in the community where I grew up is probably the biggest perk, especially since I live right down the road. Not only that, I could not ask for a better group to work with. The team here has been at the bank for so long and each of them is a guru in their own right. It’s amazing to be around so many knowledgeable people to bounce ideas off of each day.


What’s your favorite part of your day?

That’s difficult, because it’s never the same day twice here! But if I had to pick a favorite, I’d have to say it’s helping people with the fraud side of things. As a smaller bank, we’re a little more empathetic when it comes to fraud, especially with situations involving elder abuse. I enjoy problem-solving and helping our customers achieve solutions with all aspects of the fraud process.


What motivates you?

I’m very hard on myself and take great pride in doing a good job. I want to learn as much as I can and be able to achieve as much as I can. My supervisor was in this position for 25 years before moving up, and the amount of knowledge that she acquired inspires me. I’m constantly learning and gaining knowledge in my position and that motivates me every day. That, and my family, of course. I have a one-year-old son, and I just had my second in June! Finding a good balance between work and family is important, and I am finally getting the hang of it.


What is your passion?

I really like planning parties. I may stress out about them a little too much, but once it’s all pulled together, I step back and look at everything I’ve created and think, “I did this!” My sister had a bridal shower in February that I planned, and I probably went overboard. She made the comment, “Maybe I should just have you do all the decorations for the wedding, too, because this looks even nicer than what we were planning.”


Do you have any hobbies?

I love crafting and love to paint and do calligraphy. Oh, and I love making wreaths for the front door! I have an overwhelming sense of pride when I make things, I love the satisfaction of completing a project.

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