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Tech Tips to Make Banking Easier

with Amanda O'Riley, Monrovia and Eminence Branch Manager

As the Branch Manager of both the Monrovia and Eminence branches, I love being part of a small community bank. Even though in-person banking is a huge component of the service we offer, it’s wonderful to share with our customers all the ways our technology can make their banking easier. Reducing paper transactions and the handling of cash can add ease and peace of mind for our customers. Here are a few easy ways our customers can streamline their experience. 

Go Mobile for Check Deposits 

Many of our customers are still bringing checks to the bank to deposit. Recently, a busy mom came in, rushing because she had to pick up her kids from school after swinging by the bank. With mobile deposit, she could have deposited her payroll check while waiting in the car for her kids at school. The coolest part is that if she uploaded her deposit before 3 p.m. it would be processed the very same day! 

Give Us a Call

We love fielding calls from our customers, but if they need help immediately or after hours, we have a 24-Hour Account Info Line, 800-811-8748, which will connect you to an easy-to-use automated service. This number makes it easy to perform transfers between accounts, check their deposit records, check for cleared checks, and more. 

Skip the Middleman for Electronic Payments

Many of our younger customers are into cash transferring apps like Venmo and CashApp, but most don’t realize we have our own person-to-person payment option. It’s as simple as logging in to your online banking account and making a transfer to the person you want to send money to. The advantage to our service is that we take the third party out of it, so you can transfer your money safely from your Citizens Bank app.

We’ll never get tired of meeting with our customers in person, but we’re always here to offer technology that provides quick, easy, and super-efficient ways for you to do your banking and stay in touch with your accounts. If you would like more information please reach out to me via email at aoriley@citizens-banking.com or give me a call at 317-584-5334!

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