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Meet Josh, Mortgage Loan Officer

Meet Our Citizens: Joshua J Waddell, Mortgage Loan Officer

With a passion for customer service, Mortgage Loan Officer, Joshua J Waddell, is ready to work with you to find the right mortgage program to fit your needs.

Describe what you do for Citizens Bank.

I am a Mortgage Loan Officer for the County Line branch and the greater Indianapolis area. I will be helping people get financing for their new homes, refinancing their current homes, and everything in between! 

How did you find your way into banking?

I have been in banking for the last 15 years. Before Citizens, I did auto loans. When I learned about this opportunity, I was at my nephew’s birthday party, and I ran into Lauren Harmon. She told me about all of the wonderful opportunities in the mortgage department at Citizens Bank so I sent her my resume and now I’m here!

What is your favorite part of the job so far?

The commitment to the employees. One of the first things I received as an employee was the interview story about Rachel Barnhart sharing what she’s doing and how she got there. It’s wonderful that a place cares enough about their people that they will highlight what they’re doing for everyone to see. It’s fun to be part of a company who wants to be in business with their employees, rather than working for them.

What motivates you?

Comfort. Having a job I can rely on and a job that I can provide for my family is so comforting to me. It’s important to have a good work life balance. I love being able to do the things that I love while also finding joy in the work that I do. Without that kind of balance, the job wouldn’t be as fulfilling.

Who inspires you?

Successful people. I’m inspired by people who have earned their way rather than just being fed a silver spoon. 

What are you passionate about?

My dogs, I have two dogs named Humphrey and Duncan. They are the greatest!


What do you do for fun?

I love to golf, spend time with my wife, do some woodworking and travel!

I got into woodworking several years ago, mostly because I was floored by the price of furniture. I wanted to make furniture on my own rather than spending all that money at a furniture store. The coolest thing I’ve ever made is a hidden kitty litter bench. It had a cat head so cats could walk in and out and the kitty litter is hidden inside so no one sees it. 

What is your favorite place to travel?

I went on a river cruise back in Portugal. I would push anyone to go explore it. If I could buy a seasonal home there, I would. 

I would love to explore the Asian countries, just because they’re so old and I would see such amazing things. I have been to more countries than I have states, so I’m ready to explore more.

Have you come across any good foods while traveling?

Absolutely! The barbeque in Texas is crazy. The best desert I’ve ever had is in Fort Lauderdale, Florida – it was an olive cake with strawberry chocolate mousse.

In general, my favorite food is pizza. There’s a little mom and pop shop in Fishers called Passione Pane that serves amazing wood fired pizza. When I’m willing to wait a long time, I love Giordano’s. 

Is there anything else you want people to know about you?

I don’t want to be known as a salesman; I’d rather be known as a customer service focused lender. I love educating customers and being honest with them. I don’t ever want someone to walk away feeling like I’m pulling something over on them. I am a firm believer that if it’s right for the customer, it will be right for the company and it will never be the other way around. A company needs to be customer driven, and I want to be someone customers can count on, being someone who always does what he says.

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