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How Your Community Bank Can Help You with Auto Loans

Tips from Mooresville Branch Manager Jacob Theobald

As the branch manager at Citizens Bank’s Mooresville office, I get to help customers with a wide variety of needs and banking products, but what I love doing the most is helping customers with auto loans. After all, buying a vehicle is such an exciting time for people! I wish more customers knew about the many ways we can support their vehicle dreams. Here are some tips, support, and services we provide to help get them behind the wheel and on their way down the road!

We can help with new and used car sales

We can finance both scenarios. People may not come in for help on lower-priced or used vehicle sales because they don't want to "waste our time," but that is what we're here for, and we definitely can share what loan options are available. We want to help every single person we serve and are always available to sit down with a customer and discuss their goals. 

You don't always need perfect credit

We're wonderful at troubleshooting and being creative if credit is an issue. If a loan were to be denied, we can work with a customer to improve their credit or suggest different strategies such as getting a parent or relative as a co-signer to help make financing a reality.

We offer personalized service

Even before you go out vehicle shopping, we always urge customers to check with us first. Before getting financing elsewhere, it’s important to realize our biggest advantage is our service. When you work with your local banker, you'll know the people who are handling the loan, and who you should contact if you have any questions or concerns. We can even help you set up automatic loan payments out of a Citizens Bank checking account, which not only will make payments a breeze - but customers with Citizens Bank automatic payments save .25% on your loan rate. 

Get your application started today

  1. Come in and fill out an application in person with a banker or we can take your information over the phone.
  2. We run your credit and check your reports to ensure there are no issues.
  3. You may need to report income or provide pay stubs depending on your debt to income ratio, and if you are self-employed you'd need to provide a tax return.
  4. We check the value of the vehicle with Kelley Black Book (year, make, VIN).
  5. Within a few hours, you walk out the door with a check made out to the dealership or seller.

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