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Financial Goal Setting 101 with Shannon Eads

As the Branch Manager for the new Stones Crossing branch, I love sitting down with a customer to make a financial plan—but so many people don't take advantage of their banker's expertise. They often feel overwhelmed, discouraged, or simply don't realize what kind of guidance is available. 

Here's what I wish every client knew about how we, as their bankers, can help them reach their financial goals. 

We can meet you where you are. 

When we sit down with a customer and they can honestly share their current situation and financial needs, it helps us formulate a specific plan for every individual customer. 

Don't hesitate to stop by or ask for help. 

In my branch, customers can walk in and sit down with me, usually without an appointment. One of the most important things I want people to know is to come see us as soon as a problem arises. I see situations where if a customer had come in six months earlier, I could have helped them more, prevented confusion, or gotten them on a path to their goals sooner.

Don't give in to overwhelm. 

Sometimes people put their goals on hold because they get overwhelmed or discouraged and it keeps them from talking to their banker. The best thing you can do is talk to your banker about any of your financial goals.

We can help you understand your credit report. 

Not only can we tell you how credit reports work and how to get one, we can also show you how to make a plan for improving credit scores and tackling credit issues.

Know where you stand. 

You have to figure out where you're starting from and what challenges you need to overcome. Depending on where a customer stands, then we can make a plan. Do you need to build credit, with a low-limit card? Do you need to fix credit? If so, what bills or collections do we need to tackle first.  Do you need new credit? Have you considered a small loan or a small credit card? It's all about knowing where you stand. 

At the end of the day, it feels so freeing to have an answer to your financial questions and concerns. 

I often say, "There's no softer pillow than a clear conscience." There's no better feeling than clarity and understanding, and the only way you get that is by talking to a banking professional.

If you have questions, get in touch with one of our banking experts today!


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