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Choosing a Charity to Support

Each year, it seems there is more and more need for generous givers. If it’s in your heart (and your budget) to give, you want to be sure that your donation is going to the right place and in the right hands, and being used for a purpose that is meaningful to you.

Decide with Your Heart

Think back over the past months and answer these questions:

  • What events brought you to tears?
  • What stirred unbelievable joy?
  • Were there people who you lost?
  • Who is someone you find incredibly inspiring?
  • What is something you always wished you could do?
  • Where is someplace that is dear to you?

With those ideas in mind, what charity or act of giving would bring those things to mind, or honor those that are important, or help those that are dear or inspiring to you?

Find a Match

Now that you have some inspiration, start looking for organizations that reflect your passions. If you love children deeply, perhaps a donation to an after-school program or church youth group would fit. If you’re passionate about family farms, a local 4-H chapter would welcome your support. If you have fond memories of your time in school, donating to your local school district or community foundation might light you up.

At Citizens Bank, our focus has always been the community. We're proud to be very involved in the communities we serve. As a part of that involvement, we regularly make donations to charitable organizations, especially to the ones that speak to the hearts of our associates. In addition, we believe that helping our community members in the area of Habitability, from homelessness to home ownership and all points in between is the responsibility of local community banks. Contact us to see how we can help you with planned giving, budgeting, or savings goals.

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