Everyone needs a savings account.

And a teller who calls them by name.

Money Market Savings

Our Money Market Savings account will earn you higher rates of interest, while giving you the option to access your funds in person, by mail, through your current Visa® check card or by writing a check. It just takes $50 to open the account and as long as a $1000 balance is maintained, there will be no monthly service charge. A $6.00 per month service charge applies if balance falls below the minimum $1,000.

To open your Money Market account, contact us today.

*Unlimited number of withdrawals in person, by mail or night deposit. Transfers or withdrawals to another account or to a third party by means of a preauthorized or automatic transfer, telephone request, internet, check, draft, or debit card are limited to 6 per month. Rate may change after account is opened.