Online Banking

Customer Awareness

Citizens bank takes your personal information security seriously. stay informed by checking the links below for information on how to keep your self safe online.

Use unpredictable passwords with a combination of lowercase letters, capital letters, numbers, and special characters.
Never share your password over the phone, in texts, by email, or in person. If you are asked for your password, it’s probably a scam.
Create a unique password for all the different systems/websites you use. Otherwise, one breach leaves all your accounts vulnerable.
The longer the password, the tougher it is to crack. Use a password with at least eight (8) characters. Every additional character exponentially strengthens a password.

Online Security:

Never click on suspicious links in emails, tweets, posts, or online advertising. Links can take you to a different website than their labels indicate. Typing an address in your browser instead of clicking a link in an email is a safer alternative.

Always “Sign Out” or “Log Off” of password protected websites when finished to prevent unauthorized access. Simply closing the browser window may not actually end your session.

Be cautious of unsolicited phone calls, emails, or texts directing you to a website or requesting information.

Ensure your information is protected as it travels across the Internet by only submitting sensitive information to websites that use encryption. Verify the web address begins with https://” (the “s” is for “secure”) rather than just “http://”. Some browsers also display a closed padlock.

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