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Meet Amanda, Monrovia and Eminence Branch Manager

Meet Our Citizens: Amanda O’Riley, Monrovia and Eminence Branch Manager

As the Branch Manager of both the Monrovia and Eminence branches, Amanda pairs tech-savvy banking strategies with a love of people-focused interactions and small-town living to create a customer experience that’s warm, welcoming, and efficient. 

Can you tell us about your job? 

Branch managers have their hands in everything at the bank; we’re always thinking operationally and technically. My background in human resources helps drive my love of people and the community. I learn by watching people, which I think helps me be a better banker. I can always tell when one of my tellers or customers is having a rough day and I want to help put a smile on their face.

What do you love most about your work? 

I love that no day is the same. Things change hour by hour, and I am constantly pulled into problem-solving opportunities. I also enjoy all of the amazing technology we utilize and offer our customers. I worked for Citizens Bank many years ago, left, and came back recently, and the steps we’ve taken to grow our use of technology in that time have been amazing. 

What’s your favorite part of your day? 

Around here, it’s the 3 p.m. rush. This is around the time when the schools let out and people are running errands with their kids. The kids love to come in to do their banking too, and we always have lollipops for our special little customers. We have dog biscuits to our favorite drive-up dogs, too. 

Do you have a favorite dog customer? 

At a previous branch where I worked, every Saturday a gentleman would drive up with his two little white fluffy dogs. They didn’t eat our treats—he’d bring his own, and he’d send them in a little bag, with his deposit, and we’d send them right back while the dogs sat with their noses out the window, just waiting for their treats. 

What is one of your customer service strategies? 

To me, it’s very important to greet a customer right away when they walk into the branch. I was trained by a gentleman who had a strategy called the “hair-part contact.” If someone walked in and we were looking down and they could see the part in our hair, then you hadn’t greeted them and made eye contact in time.

What do you love about the Monrovia branch?

I love being out here in this little community. I have a very veteran staff and they know absolutely everyone. Every day, I hear things like, “Oh, John’s here to do his transaction.” It’s lovely to hear them talk with their community, and that’s how I’m learning this customer base, through their relationships.

What do you love about the Eminence branch?

Our Eminence branch is unique as it sits square in the middle of town. Customers in the community know our staff and trust them to do not only their own banking, but to continue the service down through generations. It’s wonderful to see customer contacts from years past, come back around because a new generation of that customer’s family is ready to do their banking with Citizens.

What’s your passion outside of work? 

I’m a sports buff. My daughter plays college-level softball so I’m always watching softball or baseball. I’m more of a player fan instead of a team fan and I love Kyle Schwarber, who plays for the Nationals. He’s a good homegrown Midwestern boy. 

Where is your happy place? 

Sitting on the back porch reading a book with my dogs next to me. I read a lot, and I love fiction, typically mystery novels.

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