Understanding and Protecting Your Credit

In our previous article, Your Credit Score Explained we talked about the basics of a credit score, as well as detailed information about the various elements that make up your score.  Now, we want to share information related to understanding your actual credit history… which makes up the score that lenders look at when making loan decisions.

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Why Work with a Local Bank?

According to a study from The Harris Poll, a majority of consumers (58%) said they prefer to deal with local and regional banking providers instead of large national institutions. When it comes to choosing somewhere to bank, bigger is not always better and there are a number of benefits to working with a local, community bank.

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  • Disputes
  • How to dispute debit card transactions
  • With a Roth IRA, you typically pay taxes on the money before you contribute to your IRA. This means you generally can make qualifying withdraws once you reach 59 1/2 years of age without paying additional taxes on the distributions.

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