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 It's time for the Round Up Match Up!


All December long, Citizens Bank is cloning customers’ spare change. Talk about technology! Your extra penny? We’ll turn it into two pennies. ....Your spare 64 cents? Boom. It’s suddenly $1.28....


All you need is a BaZing checking account with Round Up savings from Citizens Bank. When you use your debit card, we’ll round up your total to the nearest dollar amount and place the spare change in a savings account for you. Then, all December long, Citizens Bank will match—I mean clone—your contributions, up to $15.


Want more information about BaZing Checking?  Click here

Find out more about Round Up Savings below.   







Are you someone who puts all of the change you’ve accumulated during the day into a tray, a bottle or a piggy bank and saves it to use for something special later? Well, this works the same way – only using your Citizens Bank Debit Card. When you use your Debit Card at a point-of-sale (grocery, drug store, gas station, etc.), the purchase price automatically rounds up to the next even dollar amount and the difference (up to 99¢ per transaction) is automatically transferred to a savings account that you have linked to your checking account. 
For example, you purchase a sandwich and drink from your favorite fast-food restaurant and the total of your purchase is $4.35. When you deduct the purchase from your checking account, round it up to $5.00. We will automatically transfer the difference – 65¢ – to your savings account. It’s like having an electronic piggy bank! 
What could be better than that? We’ll waive the monthly service fee on the savings account – a savings of up to $2.00 per month, no matter the balance – and we’ll combine your monthly checking and savings transaction information into one, easy to read statement! You can even receive it electronically!  To get started, visit your local Citizens Bank Branch Office and sign up! 
You could have savings so big, you might outgrow your pig-gy bank!