Money Market Savings

If your business tends to maintain higher balances, consider a Citizens Bank Money Market Savings account. This handy financial product makes the most of your money by allowing it to earn a higher rate of interest than standard checking accounts—all while keeping it completely accessible.

You’re free to access your funds in person, by mail, through your current Visa® check card, or by writing a check. It just takes $50 to open the account. And as long as a balance of $50 is maintained, you’ll never have a monthly service fee.

Contact us to open your Money Market Savings account or to inquire about current rates.

Only 3 checks may be written per month, however in-person withdrawals are unlimited. Transfers from savings to another account, ACH or 3rd party are limited to 6 per calendar month. If the balance falls below $1,000, a $6 fee will be assessed.