In 1931, we established a bank.

(Along with a set of principles.)

Citizens Bank History

You know who founded Citizens Bank in 1931? It wasn’t some international conglomerate of wealthy investors, that’s for sure. It was a simple group folks from Mooresville, Indiana.

The Great Depression was in full swing and banks across America were closing their doors. Rather than surrender to hard times, a few dedicated locals banded together to create a new kind of bank—one that put people over profits. Fittingly, they named their new bank Citizens.

Over the years, our industry has changed quite a bit. So have the products and services we offer. But when it comes to the important stuff, we haven’t changed a bit. Around here, people come first. Period.

Today we’re proud to say that many of our customers are the descendants of our original founders. We like to think that’s because we’ve stayed true to our roots.